The Calcudator Information Site

The calcudator is a highly simplified visual computer that allows one to quickly and simply determine a project's start date, duration, or end date given any two of the three.  The calcudator serves the same purpose as the classical "date wheel" but does not have the one to three day inaccuracy found in date wheels of a moderate size.  The calcudator always gives you the exact answer to the exact day, even on leap years.

side one of the current model of the calcudator

side one of the instructions

Let's do an example.  Suppose we want start on May 5 and find the date that is 13 weeks later. First we find May 5.

Then we find 13 weeks.  (Red numbers are days. Green numbers are weeks.)

Then we put them on top of each other.

And we see the answer (August 4) in the big red square.  Now lets look at the back.

the instructions on the back side

Now suppose we want to find the date 13 weeks before May 5.  Do the same as before (overlap May 5 and 13 weeks).

Then you will see the answer in the big green square (February 3).  Notice that the note "LY? +1" means that if it is a leap year you need to add one to arrive at February 4.

Here you can see that from May 5 to August 1 is 88 days.

The calcudator is currently available directly through the Moonstick Information Site.

calcudator copyright (c) 2006 Moonstick Co., all rights reserved